Hey everyone- I hope all my closest friends are doing great and staying wet. I just wanted to let everone know how STOKED I am to have added Patrick Deal, Rodrigo Miranda, and now the ultra-talented female- Amy Nichols, to the Surf Team. They all absolutely rip every day- and I’m very proud to have added these surfers- not just because of there talent- but because they represent surfing here the way it should be!! We are all super stoked to have added such an amazingly talented trio!- James


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Ponce Inlet – Sat. March 5th   Leave a comment

Hey gang- sorry I haven’t had the chance to write in awhile, but STOKED to be back shooting at home again! Latest gallery posted is (In The MAIN Surfing Gallery)from last Sat. at Ponce- SUPER FUN waves, and lots of ripping going on. Anyway- as always I hope everyone enjoys the latest, and know that Sunday, the 6th is next and coming soon! Peace & Mahalo to All.- James/Stoked1

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Return from Puerto Rico   Leave a comment

Hello to all! and although I loved my time in Puerto Rico, I’m stoked to be home. I have to tell you that was THE biggest surf I’ve ever had the chance to experience!! PR Rocks! There were places where the surf rarely breaks firing from the swell and it was unreal to be there. Oh, and not just the surf was amazing either, as I had the chance to meet some really great people while I was there, so I’ll be stoked when I can return the same time next year!! Sorry for pummeling you guys locally with photos from there- but I definitely wanted to share the surf we had down there. Hope you enjoy.- James/Stoked1

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November 30th at Ponce (late afternoon sesh) Posted   Leave a comment

Hey everyone- and thanks again to keep checking the blog- it makes it so much easier to let all know what’s been posted most recently! The latest gallery is literally from yesterday evening at Ponce right before it got too dark. As always tons of great turns, and surfing from the locals that make Ponce so great. Thanks guys! Peace & Mahalo to All.- James/Stoked1

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ALL Maui Nix ESA #4- Main St. now Posted   Leave a comment

Hello to all, and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday! It was really nice to have the weekend off..ha,ha. I just wanted to make everyone aware that ESA#4 is now complete & posted, as is the award presentation again also included (and can be found on pages 14-16 of the gallery). Again I hope the photos are enjoyed & keep everyone stoked!! Till our next event-Peace & Mahalo to All.- James/Stoked1

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2010 Maui Nix ESA #4 now semi-posted   Leave a comment

Hello to everyone- I as always just wanted to make you aware of the latest gallery posted. This ESA was held at Main Street Pier and although the surf wasn’t that great (the high tide was definitely best)- the surfing was unreal for the conditions, and I think all had a great time there. Sorry, I couldn’t get thru all the photos yet (several hundred!!), I wanted you all to have photos to see the morning of the event. Also I had someone mention that I had completely missed they’re heats but I hope all can understand how difficult it is when running 2 heats at once! I do try. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and even though this is a Holiday week (traveling) I will try to have the rest up by Friday. Everyone have a great Turkey Day, and thanks for checking the blog!! Peace & Mahalo to All.- James/Stoked1

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Latest Gallery- Ponce Inlet Monday the 15th   Leave a comment

Hey to everyone, and I’m hoping all got wet during our last swell as it was definitely solid! The gallery I just posted is from last Monday (15th) early afternoon til about 3:30 or 4:00- so LOTS of great pics as the surf was really clean and everyone was ripping. As usual- I hope all enjoy the photos and manage to find that one they’ve been hunting for of friends or themselves, and thank you for continuing buy photos and keep my butt workin’.. ha,ha. Till next time, Peace & Mahalo.- James/Stoked1

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